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Forbidden love
After their initial meet-cute in Vancouver, things soon got serious between Ray Naito and craft beer. Their fast-fermenting relationship took them to Brooklyn and back to B.C. before becoming all-consuming in the budding beer scene in Tokyo, Ray’s home. He broke into the industry in Canada’s west, but deep down, there was trouble brewing. Ray started waking up with regret.
The hops were heavenly, the malt was magical but the grain … it was a pain. Ray discovered he was a gluten intolerance.

Ale’s not lost

It took guts (literally), but Ray had to steer clear of beer. However, there is glory to our story. Dedicating himself to brew without the glu, Ray found he didn’t need cereal to keep beer real. Instead of bread, rice and sorghum provided the head. Ray discovered there was life after wheat. Ray and craft beer learned to love again.

Guts to glory

You never know where you might find a new BFF. Surprise Point Brewery? Yea, it’s GFF. Launching their innovative wheat-free lineup from creative Cranbrook, B.C., Ray Naito wants to ensure he (and you!) can enjoy craft beer, sans fear.

Ray’s guts. Our glory. Beer with a purpose, brewed with passion.

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